The DART course

DART is a one day airway course in which you learn the skills to apply the Difficult Airway Society guidelines. DART has been ratified and endorsed by the Difficult Airway Society.

Since its inception by trainees in Bristol, the DART course has been delivered in multiple sites around the UK and even in Australia. The content is updated from course to course in response to feedback from attendees and to reflect changes in best practice.

We aim to provide training for healthcare professionals involved with airway management, taught through small group, hands on workshops.

The next course will be in March or April 2020. Please keep an eye out for the deanery email for further details on how to book a place or check the website and email for a place

If you are a trainer, our philosophy is to provide you materials and support the delivery of DART in your centre. Contact for further information

Feedback from previous attendees:

“Well organised course, with friendly knowledgeable faculty” (June 2017)

“Very well organised and impressive timing for so many candidates!”

Overall Course rating 6.64 out of 7.00 (April 2018)

I would recommend the course to other colleagues 6.75/7 (April 2018)

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